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In 2013 Paulo Almeida goes into studio to record his first album with Vinicius Dorin (in memoriam) on saxophones and flute, Diego Garbin on trumpet, Beto Correa on piano and Filipe Maróstica on bass. 

This album was the beginning as composer and band leader. With 6 original compositions and one by his mentor Vinicius Dorin called "Cincando" that closes the work with powerfull.


Besides his quintet as the basis of the band Almeida also invited singer Vanessa Moreno and guitarist Marcos Moraes to record the song "Trindade". Guitarist Fabio Leal for the track "Aflora" and saxophonist Jota P for the track "Toada do Velho".


The first track "Ai Fica Puxado" won over many musicians for its different beat patterns and deep rhythm section integration. 


"Constatações" strongly marks the beginning of the drummer career and was recorded by his great friend and sound engineer Thiago Monteiro at Gargolandia studios in Sao Paulo, mixed by Rodrigo Pinheiro and mastered by Homero Lotito. 

Constatações - 2013

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