Paulo Almeida is a drummer, percussionist and composer. An important reference in the new generation of Brazilian instrumental music, he has already released three recordings and gained recognition for the authentic way he plays Brazilian rhythms on drums. As an instrumentalist, he has performed at important festivals and jazz clubs such as Brazil Instrumental, Savassi Jazz Festival, Jazz Ahead 2019, Jazz a La Calle (Uruguay) and Bird's Eyes Jazz Club - Switzerland and has shared stages with renowned artists such as Hermeto Pascoal, Arismar do Espírito Santo, ViníciusDorin, Gabriel Grossi, Filó Machado, Tony Lakatos and Heraldo do Monte.

At the age of nine he began his musical studies in the interior of São Paulo and later, a long education at the Conservatory of Tatuí / SP, where he studied the techniques of classical and popular music and also participated in several festivals as a student. At the age of fourteen, he was already working professionally in symphonic orchestras and small groups.

His first album, Findings (2013), includes the quintet consisting of Beto Correa (piano), ViniciusDorin (saxophones and flute), Fi Maróstica (bass) and Diego Garbin (trumpet) and features special performances by Fabio Leal, Vanessa Moreno, Jota P and Marcos Moraes.

His second work, CD Corpo e Alma (2016), which features the quintet formed by Fi Maróstica (bass), Dô de Carvalho (saxophones, flute and clarone), Fabio Gouvea (guitar) and Diego Garbin (trumpet and flugelhorn ), And has special guest appearances by Hermeto Pascoal, Arismar do Espírito Santo and André Marques.

In 2017 his third album was released by invitation of the jazz label Blaxtream, which recorded three other Brazilian artists. The CD is called "Parceria" and features musicians Jota P (sax and flute), Bruno Migotto (acoustic bass), Salomão Soares (piano) and the participation of the great musicians Gabriel Grossi (harmonica) and Sergio Coelho (trombone) .

In continual production as a composer and intense performing as a musical interpreter, he is a versatile musician and has recorded numerous records of different languages with renowned artists such us; Fábio Leal, André Marques and Vintena Brasileira, Diego Garbin, Salomão Soares, Cleber Carrapicho, Jota P among others.

Paulo now integrates the new Focus Year band in Basel at the Music Basel Academy with musicians from around the world.