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Paulo Almeida's quintet entered the studio in December 2015 after an intense laboratory process, which required a lot of work and delivery so that the contents of this record had strength and solidity. This is the album “CORPO E ALMA”: a strong symbolic between matter and the spiritual plane, which comes with a positive energy charge, the result of overcoming an individual process of much learning of the artist.


Paul's strong experience with universal music guided his work of composition and aesthetics from an early age. Lately the development of his musical research has motivated him to deepen in new conceptions and rhythms from different regions, which becomes very present in the sound of this work, which still has strong influence of Brazilian music, his musical cradle and the accompanying musicians. .


Paulo's instrumental music has the function of arousing people's curiosity and sensitivity and even being a song without lyrics ends up saying a lot through its melodic fluidity, timbre sounds and worked polyrhythmies.


Accompanied by Fi Maróstica (bass), Dô de Carvalho (saxophones, flute and clarone), Fabio Gouvea (guitar) and Diego Garbin (trumpet and flugelhorn), on this album drummer Paulo Almeida still features the very special appearances of Hermeto Pascoal, Arismar do Espírito Santo and André Marques, three of his greatest musical influences.


Sensitive to the arts of different languages, the quintet brings the influences of the universe of each one to Paulo's compositions, presenting a strong meaning linked to their personal experiences and making evident the affective bond established between the members, who study music together since the teenage years. The interpretation of each song changes at every moment and emphasizes the focus of the work in the creation and collective improvisation.


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