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Paulo Almeida's new album called “Parceria” was recorded in studio in November 2016 after an invitation from the new jazz label, Blaxtream.


In constant production, the 3rd disc of the composer had the construction process in the intensity of one month, which
It took a lot of work and delivery to make the contents of this record something very spontaneous and creative.

The album brings an intuitive ambience, full of connections between musicians who have been stage-sharing for many years; Bruno Migotto on acoustic bass, Jota P on sax and flute and Salomão Soares on piano.


The project also features the special appearances of Gabriel Grossi in the harmonica and Sergio Coelho in the trombone.
After his move to the metropolis of São Paulo, music and life are transformed, with all the new and authored compositions the content of this new album brings at all times the strong influences of jazz, Brazilian music and the African side.

His quartet has the function of arousing the curiosity and sensitivity of people who, even being a song without lyrics ends up saying a lot through its melodic fluidity, improvised with timbre sounds and polyrhythmies.

Parceria (2018)

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